Dementia Tips on Video

Looking to hear Pam Ostrowski provide advice and guidance as a family member dealing with dementia or Alzheimer's? Have a listen in your car or at home while preparing dinner.

Dementia Care Worksheets

As a friend or family member of a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia, you need as many tools as you get fit in your tool bag.  Here you'll find tools being added as I develop them.

Have an idea for a tool? Let me know what you need and I'll look into building it and putting it here so everyone can benefit from it.

Click on the link to download and print the tool.

It's Not That Simple Weekly Care Planner

It's Not That Simple Daily Care Planner and Caregiver

This Care Community Comparison worksheet is a Google Sheet. Click on this link and then go to File -> Make a Copy to Save it to your Google drive.

This way, you can add columns and rows and Share the link to your document with your family so you can easily discuss each community based on the same criteria.

Care Community Comparison Worksheet

Work with Dementia Expert Pam

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