I work with you to get out of crisis mode and build a dementia journey plan that you can refer to while on your loved one’s dementia journey.
  • Create a phased plan, based on quantifiable criteria, so you know how and when to prepare for each phase of the journey
  • Offer compassionate guidance and solutions from experience
  • Help reduce your loved one’s resistance and frustration by enhancing and refining your dementia communications skills with both your loved one and family members
  • Provide resource options, and other services to help you and your family make the best decisions you can for your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s
I am here for you, the Dementia/Alzheimer’s family member and caregiver. I am your lifeline for:
  • Transitioning your loved one from one phase to the next, which may be from in-home care to a senior care community
  • Facilitating family conversations about your loved one with dementia
  • Helping resolve conflicts and resistance when things aren’t going the way you thought they should
  • Ensuring you’re aware of the Financial and Healthcare documentation to minimize your loved one’s and your exposure to state-run attorneys
  • Learning effective emotional coping skills and tools specific to having a family member with dementia or Alzheimers so you can handle the emotional rollercoaster better.
  • Guiding communication with your loved one and family